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Sudbury hypnotist in television role

Hypnotist Benjamin Ryan is working on a television show ANL-150112-165709001
Hypnotist Benjamin Ryan is working on a television show ANL-150112-165709001

A hypnotist from Sudbury has landed himself a role in a television show researching the effects of hypnosis from fighting phobias to keeping fit.

Benjamin Ryan, a hypnotherapist at Sudbury Hypnosis and proprietor of Gainsborough Therapy Rooms, was asked to get involved with Newcastle based production company Made TV, to help make a six-part documentary on hypnosis called The Power Of Suggestion.

Hosted by actor Daniel Renton Skinner, famous for his comedic alter-ego Angelos Epithemiou from Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer’s Shooting Stars, the program follows hypnotist Karl Smith as he demonstrates the power of hypnosis in various unscripted situations.

This includes hypnosis in the street, the therapy room and even in a gym, testing the claim that hypnosis can enhance sports performance.

Mr Ryan is working as a consultant and on-set support, helping to ensure the film crew know what to expect and what to watch for.

He is also there to make sure volunteers are properly cared for before and after working with Mr Smith.

“Part one of the documentary has already been filmed and the other five parts are due for filming early next year,” said Mr Ryan.

“Some of the things we have planned have never been done on camera before. It was a lot of fun making part one and very interesting to try and get this stuff on film.

“I’m excited about what the rest of the series will explore.

“The highlight of program one for me was having a huge Brazilian Red Kneed Tarantula on set for one of the days. This was by far the biggest spider I’ve ever seen.

“We tackled four spider phobias that day, two were on camera as a planned part of the documentary, but we dealt with another two people in the crew who were getting a little freaked out – both ended up holding the spider and loving the experience.”

The first chance to see Mr Ryan’s face will be on the production company’s own cable and satellite network which covers Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds and the Tyne & Wear.

The production company are also in talks with a national broadcaster to show the series nationally.

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