Plenty of laughs to satisfy Quay crowd

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Latest lifestyle and leisure news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

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I’ve been dropping my trousers on the Quay stage since 1998, but they wouldn’t let me for this play, says lead actor, Michael Fouldes, in Funny Money.

But no trouser-dropping was needed, as there were plenty of laughs to satisfy the packed audience on opening night.

Sudbury Dramatic Society’s latest offering was a hilarious farce, written by Ray Cooney and directed by Geoff Banwell.

Michael plays Henry, an unadventurous suburban office worker whose life is thrown into chaos when he picks up the wrong briefcase on the way home from work – and discovers it contains £750,000 in used bank notes.

Making the unwise decision to keep the money and run off to Spain, his world then becomes more and more entangled, revolving around a confusion of dead bodies, non-existent relatives and unwanted house guests.

This was a very demanding role for both Michael and Hayley Nunn, who plays his wife, Jean, as neither of them were off stage for long at any point and both handled their long lines with skill.

The dialogue took on a contemporary feel when Henry bribed a detective (Kevin Roychowdhury) to keep quiet about the loot and Jean exclaimed: “I can’t believe you bent a policeman.” Henry replied: “I think he was leaning a bit before I started.”

Timing is everything in farce, and all the cast did well to sustain the momentum.

A special mention should go to Belinda Hasler, who put much energy into her part as family friend Betty, who got caught up in the mayhem along with her husband Vic (Shawn Peart.)

Funny Money was at the Quay until Saturday. If you made your way down there, you will have been pleased you did.