Will’s World

: Will Shropshire gives his latest thoughts from Sudbury Cricket Club

“..If you haven’t seen the monsoon burst, it’s difficult to imagine. There are the first huge drops growing heavier and heavier, and then God opens the sluices and the jets of a million high-pressure hoses are being directed straight down and the deluge comes with a great roar, crashing against the leaves and rebounding from the earth for perhaps a minute – after that the earth is under a skin of water which looks as though it is being churned up by buckshot. Before you know it you are sodden and streaming..”

You may be mistaken to think that this is the description of our drought-ridden Sudbury last week and weekend. It is of course George MacDonald Fraser recanting the monsoon starting in Burma in 1945 from his book ‘Quartered Safe out Here’, but the rain that fell in Suffolk was just as impressive and I am unable to describe with any justice other than to say it was like a monsoon starting.

It meant of course that there was no cricket played last weekend in any form whether it be Premier League, Two Counties or Hunts County Bats Suffolk League. Darren Batch did his best to arrange a fielding session Saturday lunchtime, and the tired, worn out participants relaxed in the bar afterwards – calories off 100 v 500 calories on – but it was just what was needed to keep cricket in the mind, to keep the team together and keep the ball rolling.

A week off in a game that requires consistency and constant participation can be a dangerous beast or it can drive the hunger for the next game, hopefully the latter is the winner.

We are hoping the rain stays off for the coming week as not only is there the EAPL match versus last year’s runners-up Swardeston on Saturday (which should see Hasantha Fernando back on the Sudbury team sheet), followed by a friendly against Leavenheath on Sunday, but on Monday we have the first ever CROCKBY (CRricket – hOCKey-rugBY) tournament at Friars Street.

In a round robin three-way tournament the Cricket Club, Hockey Club and Rugby Club will do battle over a series of T20 style matches. The teams will play in coloured clothing and a calypso cricket feel will come to Friars Street. Weather permitting the barbecue will be fired up and the bar open all day with matches starting at 10.30am. It should be a great way to enjoy the Bank Holiday rest.

Let’s hope the sun has his hat on this week.