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Students put on a dazzling show in gradings bonanza

TEAM SUDBURY: The members of Sudbury Karate Club who hosted clubs from south Suffolk and north Essex
TEAM SUDBURY: The members of Sudbury Karate Club who hosted clubs from south Suffolk and north Essex

Sudbury Karate Club hosted the South East Freestyle Karate Association for a karate tournament featuring around 100 competitors.

Spectators witnessed an excellent display of kumite (sparring) and kata (forms) from the members representing clubs from south Suffolk and north Essex.

The tournament was held at Sudbury Sports Centre, with competition categories based on age, height and grade. Many entrants were competing in such a tournament for the first time and there was great individual competition in both kumite and kata, as well as friendly club rivalry.

SEFKA chairman and chief instructor Trevor White (7th Dan), hailed the tournament a fantastic success and paid tribute to the volunteers who had ensured the event took place, the competitors for their commitment, attitude and spirt, and event organiser Vicki Litanzios (4th Dan).

Anyone interested in karate should visit www.sudburykarate.co.uk or www.sefka.co.uk for details of local clubs and contacts.

Medal winners: Juniors Kata - Yellow Belts: 1 Daisy Shadbolt (Earls Colne); 2 Adam Tyler (Sudbury); 3 Nathan Offen (Sudbury).

Orange Belts: 1 Jasmin Howard (Gt Cornard); 2 Ryan Wallace (Gt Cornard); 3 Darcy Wiseman (Bures).

Green Belts: 1 Sophie Crawford (Colchester); 2 Gracie Flin (Belchamp); 3 Gracie Meeks (Halstead).

Blue Belts: 1 Mark Lano (Sudbury); 2 Johnathan Willis (Sudbury); 3 Ella Quatrucci (Acton).

Blue/Brown Belts: 1 Amelia Bacon (Halstead); 2 Charlotte Armitage (Earls Colne); 3 Christopher Hastings (Sudbury).

Adults Kata - Non Black Belts: 1 Beth Marson (Halstead); 2 James North (Earls Colne); 3 Paul Fitches and Brian Emery (Sudbury & Earls Colne)

Black Belts: 1 Karl Bacon (Halstead); 2 Dale Brooks (Halstead); 3 James Nicoll (Sudbury).

Juniors Kumite - White Belts: 1 Hayden Hammond (Little Dragons); 2 Finlay Allen (Colchester).

White/Yellow/Green Belts Boys: 1 Oliver Sanderson (Little Dragons); 2 Edmund Howe (Little Dragons); 3 Samuel Slater (Sudbury).

Yellow/Orange Belts Boys: 1 Oliver (Halstead); 2 Jameson Reynolds (Sudbury); 3 Adam Tyler & William Alen (Sudbury & Halstead).

White/Yellow/Green Belts Girls: 1 Lucy Le Comber (Halstead); 2 Libby Howard (Belchamp); 3 Abbie Harper Rowe (Sudbury).

Yellow/Orange/Green/ Blue Belts Boys: 1 James Quin (Sudbury); 2 Nathan Offen (Sudbury); 3 Luke Smith and Dan Wheeler (Earls Colne & Halstead).

Green/Blue Belts Boys 1: 1 Dominic Quatrucci (Acton); 2 Harvey Whybrow (Bures); 3 Jonty Ray & James Collins (Fordham & Leavenheath).

Green/Blue Belts Boys 2: 1 Alex Quin (Sudbury); 2 Luke McCarthy (Halstead); 3 Owen Smith and Max Ledgerton (Earls Colne & Belchamp).

Green/Blue Belts Girls: 1 Gracie Meek (Halstead); 2 Megan Wallace (Sudbury); 3 Ella Quatrucci and Grace Stephens (Acton & Bures).

Blue/Brown Belts Boys: 1 Euan Hayward (Earls Colne) 2 George Hogsbjerg (Bures); 3 Morgan Hayward and Jonathan Willis ( Sudbury & Sudbury).

Green/Blue/Brown Belts Girls: 1 Stella Blezard (Bures); 2 Amelia Bacon (Halstead); 3 Aimmee Collins and Charlotte Armitage (Leavenheath & Earls Colne).

Adults Kumite

Women - All Grades: 1 Lucy Moffatt (Halstead); 2 Riza Wilson (Halstead).

Men - All Grades: 1 John Fitch (Sudbury); 2 Karl Bacon (Halstead); 3 Dale Brooks and Simon Doe (Halstead & Halstead).

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