Students achieve new Hapkido grades

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Students were put through their paces at the recent quarterly grading tests of Sudbury Hapkido Martial Arts Club.

In front of Sabunim Tony Pellegrini 3rd Dan, head of Sudbury Hapkido Club and a senior instructor with Hapkido Moo Hak Kwan of the Korea Hapkido Federation, the students were put through a demanding comprehensive two-hour test.

All aspects of their Hapkido, including basic principles, hand strikes, kicks, blocks, falling techniques, self-defence techniques and forms were examined.

The following students were promoted as a result: 4th Geup Deputy Blue Belt: Rob Hardy. 6th Geup Deputy Green Belt: Adam Rhodes, Patrick Henbury, Ian Drake. 7th Geup Orange Belt: Emma Palmer, Nick Scarisbrick. 9th Geup Yellow Belt: Louis Rudgewick. 10th Geup Deputy Yellow Belt: Vince Rudgewick, Callum Page, Oliver Page, Connie Jacobs, Eloise Nottage, Ella Hampshire.

Sudbury Hapkido Club meets every Monday and Wednesday from 7.00pm to 8.30pm at St Gregory’s Church Hall, Prince Street, Sudbury.

Call Pellegrini on 07968 742734 for more information.