Six figures and Stuck is still set to rack up the runs

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A Long Melford cricketer who has passed the incredible milestone of 100,000 runs for clubs across Suffolk and Essex is not ready to declare yet.

Sixty-nine-year-old John Stuck, who has managed to play on despite a hip operation and arthritic knees, intends to keep racking up the runs for a while yet.

The former Sudbury Grammar School pupil and Bures resident, who now lives in Clacton, has kept his own records of his competitive matches dating back to 1962 and passed the magical six-figure-mark during a Two Counties Championship Over-50s match against Worcester Over-60s at Frinton in Essex on June 5, where he scored 116 — having needed 51.

He said: “I have just been able to keep going and can still score runs at a certain level.

“I have not really targetted things but last year I realised I was on 99,000 and something and thought ‘could I get to 100,000?’ — I never thought I would achieve it.”

He added: “I keep picking up these annoying niggles, but I still enjoy playing.”

Stuck, who has played four times for England Over-60s, is in his third season playing in the Hunts County Bats Suffolk League for Long Melford’s II in Division Five and hit 79no to celebrate at Meeting Field on Sunday.

His total comes from 2,805 matches and includes 2,254 for Suffolk in 112 innings and 43,401 for Clacton’s first team. He has hit 170 recorded centuries.