Winning streak comes to an end as Suds’ errors prove costly

Latest sport news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest sport news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter


by Don Reekie

at Roding Lane North

Sudbury failed to heed head coach Graham Richards’ warning about eliminating too many handling errors as their winning start to the season finally came to an end in their eighth game at Wanstead.

Once again they were guilty of making too many mistakes, which spoilt many of their attacking moves and put them on the back foot by giving away possession.

Wanstead presented a solid defence throughout the game which contained Sudbury’s expansive game, forcing them to resort to play the game in the forwards more than they would have liked.

The visitors started well with a penalty kicked by Tom Summers after three minutes when Wanstead strayed offside.

Then followed a protracted break while the pitch was cleared of dog mess.

On the restart Sudbury were able to make progress when they threw the ball about, but the mistakes were creeping in and, from a tap penalty, Wanstead passed quickly across the field to score a converted try.

The rest of the half was a scrappy affair with Wanstead not making any meaningful moves, relying on deep kicks to gain ground, but Shaun Smith did make a penetrating run down the wing late in the half only to be taken into touch.

Sudbury started the second half at pace and had scored with less than two minutes on the clock after a couple of phases of play resulted in Smith being set free wide on the left.

In the middle of the half the visitors got bogged down and suffered a cruel blow when, from a scrum, a pass midway in their own half was intercepted and Wanstead ran in unopposed.

Several good runs ended in knock-ons or misplaced passes and a mistake midway in the Sudbury half gave Wanstead a penalty kick to extend their lead.