Support to honour a pro of 60 years grows

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A project to honour a unique Suffolk golfing figure at 
Newton Green has received outside grant support from three different sources.

A first-tee starter’s shelter is about to be provided in honour of the late Arthur Davey at the club where he served for 60 years as professional.

The shelter will be a replica of the small hut from where he ran the club from 1919 – the days of wooden hickory shafted clubs – and when geese and goats helped keep the grass short on the then nine-hole course.

When he retired in 1979, Davey was made an honorary member of the Professional Golfers’ Association.

The shelter project in his honour has received a £1,000 grant from the locality budget of Newton’s Suffolk county councillor James Finch, plus another £100 each from the parish council and the Newton Green Trust.

The latter administers the green on which the golf club was originally founded.

Golf club chairman Peter Philpott said: “We are obviously delighted to have received outside financial recognition for this initiative, which will involve expenditure of around £5,000.

“The grants reflect the unique status of Arthur Davey and his remarkable service to the sport, as well as his lifetime caring for the 45-acre green that makes the village so famous and such an attractive place in which to live.

“Arthur’s service is of great pride to us, and makes our golf club unique among those that pioneered the sport more than 100 years ago.

“The shelter will include many details of the previous shed, including a hand-painted sign in the same type style of the original on the old roof.

“Unfortunately, the original shed could not be restored because it is now an abandoned wreck on land no longer used by the club.”

Mr Philpott added work had commenced on the footings and the new structure would be in place within a few weeks.