Sudbury’s golden girls strike again

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Every Sudbury elite gymnast came home with a medal from an 
international competition held at Dave’s Gymnastics Academy in Colchester.

The Chalkbowl Challenge is an annual event split into categories according to difficulty (stalder, mo chute, giant and kip upstart) and also age.

In the most difficult category, stalder (age 2001+) Becky Lawrence, the youngest competitor of her category, took gold overall; bronze on vault, silver on bars, gold on beam and gold on floor.

Ebony Tait competed in a category of gymnasts born up to 2001 and took a well-earned silver on beam and placed seventh overall.

In the mo chute (up to 2002) Helena Read-Luxton took silver overall with a silver on beam and a bronze on floor, narrowly missing out in fourth place on bars and sixth on vault.

Hollie Hayward placed seventh overall out of 16 and earned a bronze medal on bars, coming fourth on beam, sixth on floor and seventh on vault.

In the giant category (up to 2006 age seven) Eloise Hayward, Sudbury’s youngest competitor, took bronze overall and a silver medal on both bars and beam as well as a bronze medal on vault.

She just missed out on a medal for floor by 0.05 of one mark. Kirsty Dinnell (up to 2005) took bronze overall, earning herself a gold medal on both vault and bars on the way, as well as a bronze on floor.

Dara Bevan (age 2003+) received gold overall and took a gold medal on vault and floor plus a silver medal on beam.