Students make the grade

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Blue Dragon Freestyle 
Kickboxing Academy 
celebrated the end of a 
successful year with their 
annual awards ceremony.

Students were awarded with belts after a recent grading session and the results of the highly competitive ‘superstars’ competition were announced.


White Belt: Billy Browning, Paige Leeder, Liam Vant, Dan Skinner.

Yellow Belt: Sam Allen, George Lowe, Oliver Winstanley.

Orange Belt: Freddie Austin, Nathan Leeder.

Green Belt: Rocco Lawson, Lucas Lawson, Harry Moule, Alex Leeder, Cleo Leeder, Will Helms.

Blue Belt: Alex Palmer, Grace Till, Lillie Hurrell, Finlay Barrs, Lucy Pink, Mitch Lawson.

Purple Belt: Scott Stannard.

Red Belt: Tyler Stanmore, Luke Stannard.

Superstars: Little Blue Dragons: 1st Sam Allen, 2nd Cleo Leeder, 3rd Lucas Lawson, 4th Freddie Austin.

Blue Dragons: 1st Scott Stannard, 2nd Luke Stannard, 3rd Georgia Barrs.

Little Blue Dragons’ Best Newcomer: Sam Allen.

Blue Dragons’ Best Newcomer: Liam Vant.

Little Blue Dragons’ Most Improved Student: Harry Moule.

Blue Dragons’ Most Improved Student: Will Helms.

Competitive Fighter of the Year: Scott 

Blue Dragons train at Pot Kiln School on Tuesdays nights, beginners 

Telephone 01787 882159 for more details.