Students are a cut above the rest to finish in style

DOING BATTLE: Students sword fighting at the Grandmaster's seminar.
DOING BATTLE: Students sword fighting at the Grandmaster's seminar.
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The students of Kuk Sool Won Sudbury finished the year with a seminar with the Grandmaster of Kuk Sool, Kuk Sa Nim; a class testing and a tournament.

The Grandmaster arrived with seven senior masters from Europe and the USA and taught three intensive hours of sword fighting and sparring much to the delight of all present.

Head instructor PSBN Karen Smith said: “The students picked up the sword cuts and blocks very fast and before long we were seeing excellent fight sequences.”

This was followed by the class testing the following weekend when a number of students gained promotion.

5th testing for 2nd degree - JKN Nathan Kelly. 10th black stripe - DBN Matthew Hayward; DBN Jessica Knight. DBN (brown-black belt) - Amanda Henderson; Ricardo Henderson; Jade Henderson. Brown belt - Maxi Webster-Coles; Lewis Raymond. Red belt - Caroline Bishop; Alix Lapie. Blue belt - George Lowe; Boots Britton; Graham Nicholl; Leon Nicholl. Yellow belt - Andy Paton; Sophie Paton; Olivia Paton; Ellie Smith; Louise Smith; Favio Montaguedo; Joanna Wojciechowsca; Ben Palmer; Tommi Newman. Yellow stripe - Archie Lyster; Aiden Priday; Amelia Nichol; Travis Anderson; Xsona Nelson; George Harry; Harry Cockett; Beth Stenson; Becky Watson; Emily Simms; Brandon Anzalone; Joe Anzalone; Angel Tatum; Harley Tatum; Yujin Boorman; Simon Green; Harvey Atkinson.

JKNs Nathan Kelly, Barry Slade, Kayleigh Knight, Jemma Slade, Maria Whiting and PSBN Lynn Whiting assisted PSBN Karen Smith with judging on the night.

The tournament was hotly contested with students competing in empty hand forms and techniques and many gold, silver and bronze medals were won at each belt rank.

Male champion plaque - Graham Nichol. Female champion plaque - Jade Henderson. Most improved student plaque - Alix Lapie. Top Dragon shield - Tommi Newman. Most improved Dragon shield - Archie Lyster. Best etiquette shield - Travis Anderson.

The highlight of the evening came with the presentation of engraved salvers to black-belts Barry Slade, Jemma Slade and Nathan Kelly for their outstanding contributions to the school during 2012.

n To find out more about Kuk Sool see or call 07751 932408 to talk to Karen Smith.

Anyone joining in January will get their first four classes free.