Season goes to the wire

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IN an exciting finish to the Widdop League snooker season it went right down to the wire, hinging on the last game of the season to decide who won the league and who won the most frames in the season.

The final game was between Sible Hedingham and Earls Colne, Earls Colne needing to win by a minimum of four frames to wrest the title from Sudbury Snooker Club B.

They fell short by one frame, only managing to draw the match three frames each so it is congratulations to Sudbury Snooker Club B on winning the title.

With Joe Kane Jnr needing to win both of his frames to stand a chance of joining Jon Driver, of the Haverhill club, in winning the most frames won during the season, Kane duly obliged and therefore shares the title.

With nobody beating Luke Heard’s break of 70, he wins the highest break title.

In Friday’s game, Luke Heard played Steve Kane in the first frame. Although Kane did not make his usual high breaks, he was able to keep Heard from kicking into high gear and left him needing snookers to take the frame.

Paul French played Nick Edmonds in what was now a crunch game for Earls Colne and it certainly was a nail-biting one. French went ahead, only for Edmonds to make a comeback on the colours. With a shot on the black it might have been all over, but Edmonds’ shot rattled to the relief of French and team, as the score went to one all.

Joe Kane jnr and French now did battle and early safety play was interrupted by a brave cut back by French to start the scoring. He began to build a lead with a 20ish break, only for Kane to counter with a 30-plus break, bringing the scores close.

From then the game shifted Kane’s way and with the three remaining colours, the blue was make or break. After a while of attempts and snookers, French left it in the middle of the table with an easy – albeit pressured - shot into the bottom corner bag. Game over.

Edmonds then played Heard and again only missed out by rattling the black, a habit seems to be forming!

French beat Steve Kane in what can only be described as a landslide, with the final score being 70 to 10, Kane ending the game with reds remaining.

In the last game, French and Joe Kane jnr had what can only be described as a game of two halves, with Kane only needing the last red to force snookers, missing this but then later getting it with a treble. But in-off after in-off and fortunate snookers started to eat away the lead. Kane did have some fortune with some lucky positions and with French needing snookers this came at the right time for Kane to take the last game.