Roper reels in his rival to take title in thrilling finale

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Sudbury’s Jamie Roper finished ahead of club rival Chris Hockey to claim to the Eastern Centre Solo Enduro Contest Championship Class trophy.

In a thrilling finale to the G H Motorcycles/Husaberg/
Eastern Centre Solo Enduro on Sunday, Jamie Roper finished two places in front of clubmate Chris Hockey in second to seal the title by seven points.

The Sudbury rider made history at the Lowestoft-hosted sixth and final round at Invaders MCC at Tunstall, Norfolk, by joining his siblings Stevie and Ricky being the only brothers to win the Championship Class.

It meant Chris Hockey was unable to capture his 10th win, but Sudbury Motorcycle Club went into the day knowing whatever happened they were the winners.

The Sudbury pair were the only ones who could clinch the title in the final round, making it 20 wins for Sudbury members over the past 25 years.

The Championship Class was first off for a four-hour marathon over an excellent 5.6-mile course, which took the top riders an average of 15 minutes per lap to complete.

Tom Braddock (Lowestoft) stormed into the lead, followed by the Sudbury title contenders, and by the time they reached the back straight Chris Hockey was in the lead, followed by Jamie Roper and the battle was on.

There was a surprise at the end of the first lap because it was Braddock leading by several seconds, followed by Sam Toy, Jamie Roper, Chris Hockey, Craig Roper, Steve Mason, Jason Morland (Halstead) and Gavin Hockey.

During this lap Chris Hockey caught his back brake disc on a log in the woods which disabled his rear brake for the whole session.

Chris Hockey was closing the gap on Jamie Roper, who later on passed Toy for second.

But Morland seem to be on a surge and after being seventh on the first lap he just gained on everyone, passing a surprised Chris Hockey and with 20 minutes left Toy suffered machine failure.

At the flag it was Braddock in first, Jamie Roper in second, Morland in third (who finished third in the championship), Chris Hockey in fourth, Craig Roper in fifth, Steve Mason in sixth and seventh was contest sponsor Gavin Hockey.

Phil Roper had a very outside chance of winning the Expert Class, but the winner of the round was the 2013 Clubman Class champion Lewis Bond (Lowestoft), who tried his hand in the higher class, Tim Rose (Diss) was second, Phil Roper third and Graham Mays fourth.

Other Sudbury members in the points were: Paul Belton sixth, Jason Warren seventh, Jez Moss ninth, and Ian Tutton 12th.

Rose has won the 2013 Expert Class Contest with Phil Roper second, Michael Ridge (Woodbridge) third and Graham Mays fourth.

The Clubman Class was won by Jack Grice (Lowestoft) and the best Sudbury riders were Mark Green in fourth with James Hockey 11th, veteran Jeff Turner 14th and Jack Nicolaou 15th.

The Team Dave Roper Contest was a win for James Hockey, with Jack Nicolaou second and Ryan McDonnell third.

The next Sudbury Motor Cycle event is a two Man Enduro on Sunday, September 22, at Oakland Farm, Chappel, which is being recorded electronically.