Roger Fleming’s angling round-up: February

Free Press angling correspondent ROGER FLEMING looks back on a mixed month for local fishermen.

PRESTONS lake has been fishing well for silver fish.

Using quiver-tipped worm on the hook, and maggots and casters in a feeder, fished some distance out, I’ve attracted good perch around the pound mark and the odd bream, and it’s been the same for fellow anglers using the same method.

Quality bream have been taken too. The proprietor of Stour Valley Tackle in Halstead, who hadn’t fished at Prestons for some years, picked a swim in the car park and with large punched bread on a hair-rig and with soaked pellets in his cage feeder, took 16 good bream and a medium size carp.

I must say I’ve not tried bread at Prestons, I usually use mini-10mm boilies or three pieces of corn on a hair-rig, but that’s when the weather warms up.

My friend Terry was keen on having a session at Prestons, but overnight we had the first frost since before Christmas, and when we arrived at the lake there were two bivvies and two cars covered in frost.

The carp men soon packed up saying they’d had nothing all night. Terry and I settled down in two sunny but cold swims where the wind was coming diagonally across the lake towards us.

Well, we tried maggots, casters and worms but never had one indication of a bite, not even a chewed maggot, so we packed up at 3pm.

I went down to the Stour the following day at Wormingford where there are some fast trotting swims which usually produce good bags of dace, but after trying two of the swims with a plentiful supply of red maggots and casters fished off my centre pin reel I had my second blank on consecutive days.

Checking with two anglers later, who were fishing farther upstream for pike above Henny, they also blanked.

A sudden change of temperature to very cold weather certainly puts the fish off the feed.

At the time of writing I’ve had three blanks in a row. I can fish two lakes where I am sure of catching something. One lake produces coarse fish even fishing over ice in the margins and the other pike, but one needs a change and the challenge of trying other venues. Unfortunately they don’t often work.

I hope by the time this article is published, things will have improved.