Roberts’ spirited showing earns a standing ovation

PERSONAL BESTS: Caitlin Evans, George Butler and Sophie Jones
PERSONAL BESTS: Caitlin Evans, George Butler and Sophie Jones
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Sudbury Storms hosted their annual Spring Meet over the weekend, with Bryn Roberts the outstanding performer.

The nine-year-old swam the 200 metre butterfly for the first time, and after a sprited swim was given a standing ovation from all the other swimmers and spectators in attendance.

It was a successful two days as a total of 164 personal best times were recorded, along with a host of Development Championship Qualifying times.

Personal bests were set by: Anwen James & Lois Gore (50m Free & 50m Breast), Holly Bunter (50m Back, 100m & 200m Free), Lauren Martin (50m Back, Free Breast & 200m Free), Bethany Whittaker (50m & 100m Free), Aidan Clancy (50m Butterfly, Free & Back, 200m Free), Bryn Roberts (200m Butterfly, Back & IM), Zellah Chambers (50m & 100m Back, 50m Free), George Butler (50m Free, Back, Breast & Butterfly, 100m IM & Free, 200m Free), James Rowley (400m Free, 200m Back, 50m Butterfly), Abigail Harris (200m & 400m Free, 50m Butterfly & Free, 100m Back, IM and Butterfly), Hayley Collins (200m Free & Breast, 100m Free & Breast, 50m Free, Back & Breast), Ismay Hathaway (50m Butterfly & Breast, 100m & 200m Breast), William Murray (400m Free, 50m Back & Breast, 100m IM, 200m Back), Alfie Lawrence (400m IM, 100m IM, Free, Butterfly & Back, 50m Free & Butterfly), Laurence Chalk (50m & 100m Butterfly, 50m Back & 200m Free), Zara Frost (50m Free, Back & Butterfly), 100m Free & Butterfly), Connor Hume (200m Butterfly, 50m Breast & 400m IM), Lydia Bingham (100m IM & Breast, 50m Breast & Free), Sophie Jones (200m Butterfly, 100m Back & IM), Ryan Alexander (50m Butterfly & Breast, 100m Free, IM & Breast), Charlie Boldock (100m Breast, Free & Back, 50m Back, Breast, Free & Butterfly, 200m Breast & Free), Molly Roberts (100m Free, 200m Back &Free), Sophia Bingham (50m, 100m &, 200m Free, 100m IM), Nathan Alexander (200m Back, 100m Breast, IM & Back), Rachel Budd (100m IM, Free & Breast), Georgie Hodgson (50m Back, 100 IM), Sophie Murray (50m Butterfly), Maria Grumann (50m Breast & Free), Harry Harman (50m Free & Breast, 100m Free, Breast & IM), Charlie Harman (50m Free & Butterfly, 200m Back), Lily Sherred (50m Breast & Back), Emilia Sherred (50m Back, Breast & Free, 100m Breast, Free & IM), Eleni Brinkley (50m & 100m Free, 50m Back & 100 IM), Orion Nichol (50m Breast & Butterfly, 100m & 200m Butterfly), Katie Chambers (100m Free & Butterfly, 200m Butterfly & Free), Caitlin Evans (50m Butterfly, Back, Breast & Free, 100m & 200m IM, 100m Breast), Alex Curran (200m IM), Jessica Deacon (50m Back, Breast & Butterfly), 100m IM, 200m Free & Back), Harry Moye (100m Free & Back), Joshua Gray (50m & 100m Free), Florence Felton (50m Breast & Free, 100m IM), Harry Gregory (50m & 100m Free) and Gracie Brinkley (50m Free, Breast & Back, 100 IM & Back).

n On the last day of the Suffolk County Championships, Sudbury Storms’ Olivia Sherred set a new club record of four minutes, 59 seconds and 94 milliseconds in the 400m Freestyle.

Chris Greenhalgh also set four new Storm records, as a total of 11 club records were broken during the championships.

Storm scored a credible 116.5 points, 20 more than the previous year, with Greenhalgh taking home the top boy prize.