Reminder over river fishing rules

Sudbury and Melford District Angling Club is reminding all anglers there is no free fishing on the River Stour around Sudbury, with the exception of the rules regarding Sudbury residents on the stretch of the Common Lands from Brundon Mill downstream to Ballingdon Bridge only.

No tents or bivvies are allowed on the Common Lands.

Several anglers are still not using unhooking mats on SMDAA-controlled waters or adequate-sized landing nets to land large fish.

A 42-inch landing net is the suggested size for specimen pike and carp. Unhooking mats must be used to avoid injuring large fish on hard or frosty ground.

Liston Mill and Mill Meadows are fishing well for chub and roach, and several double-figure pike are still showing in several sections of the river.

The fishery at Mill Meadows will be closed on December 2, January 6, February 10 and March 3 for winter matches.