Ready for river season

Rushbrook Farm lake is fishing well especially for roach with several fish in the six to 10oz bracket, reports Sudbury and Melford District Angling Club.

The larger fish are caught on the long pole, waggler as well as feeder tractics.

There is a match on the lake on June 30 and one bank and an end bank will be used, leaving swims to the members on the remaining banks.

Bream and carp and the odd tench are also showing.

Members who use keepnets are asked not to put carp in them and are advised to use two keepnets — one for silver fish and the second for larger bream or tench. Day tickets are available from local tackle shops.

The river season starts on Sunday and Pecks Meadow, Friars Meadow and the Priory sections are well noted for early-season catches.

Day tickets are available and night fishing is allowed. Ladies Island is strictly members only.