Kung Fu club wraps up year with awards

THE Chat Ying Kuen (CYK) and Tough Tigers (kids) Kung Fu Club of Sudbury celebrated its end-of-year training session with a forms tournament and the annual Merit and Student of the Year awards.

The Kung Fu club moved from Assington to Sudbury just over a year ago and has had a steady flow of students enter its Kwoon (training hall), many of who have trained extremely well throughout the year.

The forms tournament was the first event to be kicked off by the younger students – Tough Tigers.

Eight children entered and two were awarded with trophies.

Ben Allen received first place, doing his ‘Bo Staff’ form. Chloe Graham received the runner-up trophy by performing the ‘Broadsword’ form.

After this it was the turn of the CYK students and six students entered.

In first place was Richard Taggart for his performance of ‘Bear in Roosters Shadow’. The runner-up was James Wilson with his demonstration of the ‘Shaolin Fist Form’.

Sifu Vince Bloomfield said all the performances were a fantastic standard.

After this the annual awards ceremony was delivered, to credit those few students who have given that extra little bit of dedication and hard work.

The merit awards for the CYK students went to Phillip King, Grace Hymas, Stav and Adam Taggart.

The Student of the Year for CYK was awarded to Richard Taggart.

The merit awards for the Tough Tiger students went to Matthew Perry, Jake Cairns, James Felton and Jack Graham.

The Student of the Year for CYK went to Ben Allen.

n CYK Kung Fu train on Sundays and Tuesdays from 7.30-9pm and Thursdays from 8-9.30pm. Tai Chi and Chi Kung is held every Thursday from 7-8pm.

Tough Tigers Kung Fu is practised every Wednesday from 6.30-7.30pm (times may change slightly).

Training is held at Sudbury Rugby Club in Spicers Way, Great Cornard.

The CYK Kung Fu Club, alongside Tai Chi and Tough Tigers, are affiliated to the BCCMA (British Council for Chinese Martial Arts), the only body in the UK recognised by the Sports Council and are the only official freestyle Kung Fu and Tai Chi club in East Anglia. For more information call 07815 412338.