Joggers go the full distance in the capital

Sudbury Joggers pair Clive Davey and Sarah Pennock completed a marathon down by the River Thames on Friday.

Davey finished in a time of three hours and 44 minutes, with Pennock finishing in 4.52.

Gin Lawson completed a marathon on Saturday in Telford, clocking 4.59

On Sunday, 14 Joggers took part in the fourth Winter Cross Country event held at Nowton Park.

Leading the way home was Kieran Hayles, followed by Piotr Bulacz, Andy Buck, Todd Lewis, Darren Barfield, Mark Salisbury and Wayne Mumford. Next in was Cliff Manning, David Chapman, Ruth Cowlin, Jonathan Price, Julie Marsh, Sarah Pennock and Cathy Beard.

Also taking part in the day’s junior competition 
was Mumford’s daughter Amelia.