Home team win charity doubles

Players from the Industrial Electrical Services Sudbury and District League descended on Hadleigh Eight Bells where 12 pairs contested Steve Richardson’s Charity Doubles, with the trophy lifted by the home team.

Four matches were played in the first round with four pairs receiving byes into the second round.

The opening round commenced with Andy Garvin and Jimmy Robinson (Mill Green Pirates) easily moving into the next stage with a 1330-0 win over Luke Cole-Watts and Dennis Watts (Mauldons Adders).

A 1130 break by Malcolm Groome helped him and partner Bob Hedley (Five Bells) defeat Del Atton and Pete Lillie (Brewery Tap) 2210-1920 in the highest-scoring game of the night.

Stanningfield Red House pair Kevin Tobin and Lee Harman played well to beat Chip Millins and Dick Cheshire (The Saracen’s) and the final pair progressing to the next round were home pair Melvin Tilbury and Charlie Townsend, who narrowly edged out Melvyn Willis and Marge Rose (Wild Horses) 1240-1200.

The second round saw Doedy Munson and Paul Rose (Wild Horses) account for Garvin and Robinson with the former unluckily dislodging the black peg when in control.

Groome and Hedley were unable to repeat their earlier heroics and went down to Ken Drake and Nick Cheshire (The Saracen’s).

Tobin and Harman’s interest was ended when Graham Rolfe and David Stiff (Eight Bells) won 1200-660.

The remaining pair to progress to the semis were Tilbury and Townsend, who beat Ian Furlonger and Mick Andrews (The Saracen’s).

The first semi-final saw Munson and Rose take on Drake and Cheshire, but the latter pair were always in control and moved into the final.

The other last four clash was an all-Eight Bells affair and Rolfe and Stiff prevailed against their team-mates, Tilbury and Townsend, 1580-1550.

An intriguing final then took place with Rolfe and Stiff seemingly in pole position.

They held a good lead as the gate dropped, but Cheshire played some nice shots and retained the red ball to give himself a chance, but then felled the black peg to leave the Eight Bells pairing to lift the trophy.

The league’s thanks go to hosts Gianni and Linda and also Marge Rose who sold the raffle tickets with £150 being raised for charity.