Hockey claims fourth place

CHRIS Hockey of Sudbury Motorcycle Club has finished fourth in the E2 championship class and 22nd overall in the 2011 Metzeler ACU British Enduro Championship.

In the experts class, Sudbury rider Jamie Roper was ninth and Sam Toy 30th overall.

Roper was fifth in the experts E2 class with Toy 10th and Steve Mason 30th. Craig Roper came fifth in the E1 2T experts class and 15th in the experts junior class.

The clubman class overall positions saw Robert Clark 24th, Richard Walters 30th and Phil Roper 50th.

In the clubman E1 2T class, Walters was third, Clark fifth with Darren Nicolaou 18th, while Kelvin Vant finished 15th in the E1 4T class.

The club had two members in the top 20 of the clubman E3 class — Phil Roper in 10th and Julian Mair 11th.

Jack Berry, Andy Quorn and Ricky Roper failed to score any points in their classes, in fact Roper crashed out in the first round and sustained an injury to his hip that prevented him from riding for the rest of the year.

The club’s riders had success at the annual Weston Beach Race with Stevie Roper — riding in his only second competition this year — finishing 29th overall with his cousin Ian Parker 34th.

Further down the field was Graham Mays in 106th and Mark Waller 113th, although they finished higher up in the over-40s class with May 11th and Waller 13th.

The Eastern Centre Motocross season has now finished, with Matt French 18th in the final standings of the juniors championships and the Sudbury club itself seventh in the club championship.