Halstead’s season gets off the ground

FAST START: Riders jostle for position going into the first turn
FAST START: Riders jostle for position going into the first turn

Brad Tomlin took a hat-trick of sixth-places as Little Loveney Hall hosted its first event of Halstead and District 
Motorcycle Club’s season.

Sunday’s meeting was the third round of the Eastern Centre Solo MX Championships, sponsored by Jim Aim MCs, a former Halstead rider.

In the Expert Championship, the three legs each had a different winner.

Favourite for top honours was national rider Carl Nunn, who won the second leg ahead of Sydney Bales, followed by Luke Benstead, with Halstead rider Tomlin in sixth place.

The first leg was won by Ryan Houghton with Nunn second and Benstead third, with Tomlin again in sixth.

The third leg saw a win for Bales, Nunn was second and Shaun Southgate third, and Tomlin with a his third sixth-place finish.

In the series standings following this round, Tomlin is in sixth with fellow club rider Jason Morland seventh.

It was not a good day for former Eastern Centre champion and Halstead club rider Chris Bastick, with three DNFs (did not finish) from three races.

The Junior Championship again contained three legs.

There was a win for Sid Evans in the first leg, with Connor Hughes second and William Hempstead taking third.

In the second leg, teenager Tommy Schofield took the top spot from Hughes, with Hempstead third.

Schofield had his second win in the third leg ahead of Hempstead and Sean Avory.

The highest-placed Halstead club rider in all three legs was Harry Mills.

In Junior Group B, the overall winner on the day was Ryan Watts, with lady rider Nerys Warner second and Halstead rider Mark Relland third.

There was a brilliant set of results in Junior Group C for Vince Pryke, who took the overall win with a win and two second places.

In Junior Group D, the top three overall were Trevor Hadlow, James Whomes and Dale Moyes.

During the day, various riders received trophies and cups for their 2013 motocross success, presented by club president Ray Game.

The presentations were organised by membership secretary Liz Weavers.

Halstead club’s midweek series will begin on Wednesday, June 18, with round one of the GH/MCs and G&B Finch-sponsored competition.