Fists and feet fly in sparring tournament

Kuk Sool Won competition. Pictures: Mecha Morton
Kuk Sool Won competition. Pictures: Mecha Morton
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KUK Sool Won of Sudbury, an award-winning traditional Korean Martial Arts School, held its annual sparring tournament at Sudbury Sports Centre.

The turnout for the fight night was excellent with 48 students competing for gold, silver and bronze medals across belt and age divisions. Lots of competitors friends and families also came to watch.

The level of skill on display was very high, even among relative beginners and younger competitors.

Head instructor, PSBN Dr Karen Smith, said: “Everyone who entered was a winner in my book, it takes a lot of courage to go into the ring and try. Congratulations to everyone!”

The tournament will be excellent preparation for an Inter-School Tournament taking place this Sunday in Stowmarket and for the European Tournament in June.

Little Dragons Tournament: New starters competition - Archie Lyster; six and under competition - Josh Montgomery; seven and over competition - Oliver Montgomery.

Main Class Tournament: White belt child - Leon Nicholl; white belt youth (under 17) - George Lowe; white belt youth (15-17 years) - Alex Moss; white belt adult - Clive Allen; yellow belt child - Niamh Keeling; yellow belt adult - Terry Keeling; red belt child - Greg King; red belt youth - Jade Henderson; red belt adult - Rick Henderson; brown belt child - Niamh Duffey; brown belt adult - Darryl Wort; Dahn Bo Nim child - Matthew Hayward; Dahn Bo Nim - Barry Slade; Jyo Kyo Nim (ladies) - Kayleigh Knight; Jyo Kyo Nim (mens) - Nathan Kelly.

n For further information about Kuk Sool see or call Karen Smith on 07751 932 408. Free trial classes and free uniform. Suitable for men, women and children of all ages.