Fincham pair are top of 
the class at Brands Hatch

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Gerry Fincham and his son Brad are celebrating a win in the CSCC Magnificent Sevens 400 class on the Brands Hatch circuit at the weekend.

The father and son pairing from Sudbury — now racing in their second season together — picked up their first win in the 400 class after finishing ninth on Sunday.

Son Brad now lives in Surrey working at McLaren GT as a Special Projects Lead Engineer and was delighted for the team to win their first race of the season.

“We finished ninth overall in the race and first in our class,” he said. “Which was great as it has got a lot more competitive this year.”

The series features cars from Lotus, Caterham and Westfield that are based on the Lotus Seven design has been split into two groups for most of the 2014 season due to its popularity.

Each race is timed at 40 minutes, which includes a mandatory pit-stop so that both drivers can share the car.

“At qualifying we finished first in our class and 11th overall,” Brad continued. “I started the race and at the end of the first lap had got us up to third.

“After 25 minutes we pitted in fifth place and swapped seats with my dad. We are up against cars which have a lot more power than us so we dropped down to ninth, but had a 25-second gap to finish first in our class.”

The third race of the season marked the duo’s first win, after having two other top five finishes in the campaign so far.

In their first season racing together last year, the Finchams chalked up another race win and multiple other podium finishes.

Gerry and Brad now prepare for their next race at Castle Combe, Wiltshire, on Sunday, July 13, a circuit the pair claimed success at last year.

“We won there last year so it would be nice to try and win it again when we race next month,” added Brad. “The reason we do it is that my father had cancer a few years ago and was then given all the clear.

“We love racing together and couldn’t do it without the continued support from our family and friends.

“The Richard Burns Foundation, Little Gems Interior and Dial-a-Tyre all really supportive and help us race in the championship.”