Enduro event goes down to the wire

AN INTENSE four-hour battle ended with a close finish in the first ever four-man team enduro in the Eastern Centre.

A total of 23 teams stepped up to the challenge laid down by organisers Sudbury Motorcycle Club to complete four hours of relay racing on the Tye Farm circuit in Great Cornard.

Having taken an early lead, team three, made up of Stevie Roper, Jamie Roper, Ian Parker and Steve Mason, eventually went on to claim the inaugural win having had to fight all the way.

Each rider had just 15 minutes on their machine before having to run to a holding bay and hand over their bib to the next team member due to ride.

These changeovers were crucial in such a close field where lost seconds could make all the difference.

The racing was intensive and competitive with the first five places changing nearly every session.

A completely different course had been set up in order to preserve the motocross track and this proved demanding in the first hour while the grass was still moist.

Team three and team six - Bradley Howlett, Kelvin Vant, Lucas Harris and Cameron Harris - finished the four hours on 97 laps each, with team three taking the chequered flag.

Club president Roger Chaplin said the race had gone well and the spectacle of the handovers had provided extra entertainment.

He said: “It proved entertaining to see the competitors running in full riding gear on a very hot and sunny day but most bib changeovers were much better than GB relay team athletes or England football team penalty shoot-outs!

“The four hours seemed to fly by. The event was a great success with everyone enjoying something different and having fun.”


1 T3 97 laps Stevie Roper, Jamie Roper, Ian Parker and Steve Mason; 2 T6 97 laps Bradley Howlett, Kelvin Vant, Lucas and Cameron Harris; 3 T1 95 laps Chris Hockey, James Yearley, Sam Toy and Phil Burton; 4 T2 95 laps Ricky Roper, Craig Roper, Jack Berry and Chris Hart; 5 T7 94 laps Stephen Revett, Tom Braddock, Toby Morley and Lee Whitney; 6 T5 89 laps Julian Harvey, John Bishop, Damian Long and Paul Spurgeon; 7 T22 89 laps Gavin Hockey, Steve Finch, Mark Chapman and Michael Ridge; 8 T10 87 laps Adam Leeks, Darren Mayhew, Darren Stone and Mark Hegarty; 9 T17 86 laps Bob Cavandar, Adam Braithwaite and Sam West; 10 T8 86 laps Don, Rob and Andrew Blackman and Adrian Coppen; 11 T18 85 laps, 12 T16 85 laps, 13 T12 85 laps, 14 T13 84 laps, 15 T21 83 laps, 16 T15 83 laps, 17 T19 82 laps, 18 T4 82 laps, 19 T14 81 laps, 20 T20 79 laps, 21 T11 78 laps, 22 T23 75 laps and 23 T9 71 laps.