Davies clocks fastest 10 miles

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IT WAS an extremely busy weekend for Sudbury cyclists and the weather conditions were favourable, allowing several riders to achieve seasons best times.

On Saturday the wind was blowing south westerly on the A11 at Six Mile Bottom near the start of the fast E2/10 course. This wind direction helps riders on the outward leg and is neutral on the way back.

Rob Davies made the most of it, achieving the fastest 10 mile time by a Sudbury rider this year in 21 minutes and 20 seconds, narrowly improving on Matt Shotbolt’s time of 21.26 on the slower B10/38 course.

Also riding were Damon Day (22.08), 80-year-old Len Finch (28.25) and Darren Pratt, who got a personal best time of 22.45.

Pratt’s time was good enough for fourth place in the handicap and he was rewarded with an ECCA medal.

Pratt, Darren Rule and David Crisp took part in the ECCA 3-Up event the following day and came a commendable eigth in their first attempt at this type of event.

Also on Sunday was the CC Beckland 25-mile time trial in which Simon Daw achieved a season’s best time of 57 minutes 53 seconds, followed by James Rush in 59.03 and the slightly-fatigued Day in one hour one minute and one second.