Cyclists enjoy an evening of computer simulation

Members of Cycle Club Sudbury took part in a Watt Bike evening jointly organised in partnership with Cycle Suffolk.

The stationary Watt Bikes allow riders to compete against each other whilst also providing data to assess the individual’s fitness.

Four Watt Bikes were linked to a computer and large screen to simulate race conditions and enable both riders and spectators to see each rider’s progress.

Whilst the evening was primarily organised for fun, the competitive nature of the 18 riders taking part set the scene for a very lively and exciting evening.

The evening started with a series of 250 metre sprint races with the fastest time of 13.25 seconds being recorded by Darren Rule, closely followed by Darren Pratt in 13.8 seconds.

Having recovered from the sprint efforts the next series of races were over the longer distance of one mile.

The longer distance required different tactics to the sprint races if early fatigue was to be avoided.

It was clearly evident that some over-enthusiastic and less–fit riders paid a high price for starting too fast. Darren Pratt was clearly on top form producing a winning time of one minute 53 seconds for the one mile race series, this time beating Darren Rule who recorded one minute 59 seconds for the runner-up spot.

The third and final series of races was held over the ultra-short distance of 100 metres. This event lasts for about five seconds so it was important to start fast and maintain the flat-out speed to the finish.

This proved to be a very close fought and competitive set of races with only split seconds dividing the riders.

Due to the success of the evening, repeat sessions are planned for January 17, 2 February 21 and March 21 and all are welcome. More details will be made available on in due course.