Crash scuppers chances of progression

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Sudbury Rowing Club’s men’s eight crew were unable to recover from a crash to get past the first round in the Thames Challenge Cup at the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta.

Disaster struck against Molesey last Wednesday as they approached the barrier almost two minutes into the race trailing by three quarters of a length.

Pre-qualifiers Sudbury, who had started on the 
Berkshire Bank at around 
40 strokes per minute, came too close to the solid booms down the edge of the course which briefly but sharply slowed their boat down.

The crew swiftly recovered to get back into their rhythm, but the Molesey men pulled clear.

After putting everything into the row, putting in some of their best rowing in the closing stages of the race with the crowds cheering them on, Sudbury had to accept defeat to Molesey who finished the race in a time of six minutes and 55 seconds.

Molesey went on in the to the quarter-finals on Friday but lost to a German crew (Frankfurter Rudergesellschaft Germania von 1869) who went on to win the whole event.

Sudbury were extremely pleased to have made it once again to the most well-known rowing event in the world, which had ben the aim of the past few months of training, with many sacrifices being made in order to get there.

The crew, consisting of James Brownell, Sam Hogsbjerg, James Woodward, Tim, Hysom, David Bull, Jason Pryke, Paul Sant and Nathan Franklin, wished to thank coach Terry Gostling and cox Ella Hysom for their time and dedication.