Brothers both score hole-in-one

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Clare Park Lane Golf Course was the venue for an extremely rare coincidence when a pair of brothers both hit hole-in-ones.

Richard and Robert Steward’s remarkable mirroring achievements took place in Saturday’s weekly club competition.

They both also shared the fact neither knew until their search for their balls reached the greens.

Richard, the lowest handicapped player at the club, had his golden moment on the fourth hole and had initially lost sight of where it had gone.

Robert discovered he had followed his lead at the eighth hole, having been searching in the long grass on the hump in front of the green after his playing partners believed it had fallen short.

The owner of the par-three nine-hole course Clare Park Lake, Susan Moore, who also played in the competition, said: “What odds would we have been given for that achievement?

“It really is quite remarkable, but it did result in a bit of squabbling as to which of them would be paying for the drinks!”