Bastick takes the title in a thrilling finale

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Halstead’s Chris Bastick was crowned Midweek MX Champion as his home club hosted a high-class conclusion to the season at Little Loveney Hall.

The meeting at Wakes Colne last Wednesday, sponsored by GH Motorcycles and G&B Finch, was the third and final round of the series.

The star of the event was junior rider George Baldwin, of Sidcup Club, with a hat-trick of wins.

Halstead club riders Brad Tomlin, Lewis Toombs and Chris Bastick all won their qualifying heats to go through to the semi-finals.

Good results from the trio sent them into the grand final.

Jason Morland’s second places were enough to also get him into the grand final.

In the grand final itself the best placed Halstead rider was Bastick, who took second.

There was a good consolation final win for Jordan Cutting, while Neil Jago was third and Steve Cadd fourth.

Sudbury Motorcycle Club riders were also in action at Wakes Colne.

The pick of their riders was South African Travis Teasdale, who celebrated his 16th birthday on the day of the meeting and was returning to South Africa the next day.

Teasdale finished 13th in the grand final.

The Richard Fitch Trophy MX meeting will take place on Sunday, July 28.

Further details to be released by the club shortly.