At the cutting edge of Iaido

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It is not often that Sudbury is thought of as an international centre of excellence, but for one weekend this month it was.

The Tensho Dojo, based at The Curve – Sudbury Arts Centre, played host to more than 50 practitioners of the little known martial art Iaido (the art of drawing and cutting with Japanese sword).

Visitors from France, Poland, America and Japan came together to be taught by world class Japanese Head Master Hajime Risho Hayabuchi, along with 
his assistant Sensei Kashiwagi.

For three days the international workshop trained and studied from the master, culminating with each country giving a live demonstration of their skills, with some members of the Sudbury-based club taking their annual grading/exams overseen by the masters themselves.

The club meet to train on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Anyone interested in joining should contact Peter Sandford at petersandford47@yahoo.
com or visit