Anglers made aware of areas out of bounds

Sudbury and Melford District Angling Association are reminding anglers that Peck Meadow is not part of the Sudbury Common Lands.

They start at Brundon Mill and include North Meadows and end at Ballingdon Bridge.

The bank above the Salmon Leap opposite North Meadows is private and no fishing is allowed.

The rule regarding Sudbury Town residents only applies on North Meadows and Mill Meadows, also referred to as ‘The Freemans’ and Kings Marsh Common.

Discarded line and luncheon meat cans have once again been found at the Pike Ditch venue.

October 1 is the traditional start to the pike fishing season and with the river still full of weeds, baits popped up above the weed will work best.

This can be done using traditional float fishing tactics or using sunken float ledger rigs and rig foam.

Lure fishing will pick up a few pike and must be used on a wire spinning.

Anglers should crush the barbs on the lures hooks with pliers as this will help unhooking of pick and hooks caught in landing nets.

Semi barbless hooks should be used on wire trace rigs and a landing net of 42-inch frame is recommended.

Unhooking mats, forceps and trace wire cutting tools should be a normal part of the angler’s armoury.

The hand landing of pike is not recommended as an angry fish and a steep bank on a slippery day could end in disaster (a lure hook in the hand can be painful).

Chub fishing is also good right now and areas to try include the Pike Ditch and behind the fenced area of Mill Meadows and below the bridge at Kiplins.

Day tickets for two rods are always available at Sudbury Angling Centre and members who cannot supply a club card when asked by bailiffs will be charged a £5 day ticket fee.

The excuse of ‘I have left it in another bag/at home’, etc will not be tolerated.

n There was a difference in catches in the recent Colnes Angling Society Senior Citizens match fished at Pebmarsh, with the winner having all carp and the fourth-placed angler all silver fish.

Bob Hunt caught the top weight with 63lb 4oz with 
Billy Hughes second with 38lb 80z.

Dick Cheshire was next with 25lb 7oz and George 
Bonner came fourth with 

In total, 11 fished and all caught.