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Ipswich Town fan Russell Claydon says it’s the ‘fans’ more than the team that are riling him

Anger, frustration and despair.

Three emotions all washing over me this week, and doubtless the same is true for the rest of you.

But where I perhaps differ, is that my overwhelming experience of these has been directed at my fellow Town fans (or at least a very vocal group of them), rather than my team.

Yes, I’m disappointed and definitely frustrated at the lack of form our players are showing, and it’s clear that we’re in a rut.

But while I still believe it’s a sticky patch that any side ending in the play-offs will have to handle at some point, others are seeing it differently.

A growing section are now directing the aforementioned emotions at one man above all others: Mick McCarthy, and even suggesting he is no longer the man to steer us out of these recent troubled waters.

To use a Mick MCarthyism, ‘it’s bonkers!’

Do you/they not remember this is the man who came in three years ago and dragged us out of what was a proper crisis, not simply a dip in form like now.

So it’s one win in nine after a 0-0 home draw with Huddersfield Saturday and a 3-0 defeat at Hull City on Tuesday.

But only half of those (well, five) were defeats. Too many? Yes. But a disaster? No.

This is the man who got us into the play-offs and flirted with the top two on a squad assembled on our owner’s loose change.

He’s even trying to do it all again, despite having to lose a defender valued at £8 million.

Does he not deserve your support and patience while he tries to get us back on track? You bet he does.

If you don’t agree, there are three things I feel about that...

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