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Ipswich Town fan Russell Claydon says

If the Ipswich PR machine was a player, it certainly wouldn’t be one known for its creative vision, delicate touches and impeccable timing in the box.

Two strands of news we had all been waiting for materialised since I last wrote. But both bombed.

The first was contract extensions for Mick McCarthy and Terry Connor. Very good news (other opinions are available on website forums).

But sometimes, especially in public relations, it’s all about timing.

Announcing it off the back of surrendering our FA Cup campaign to a League Two outfit wasn’t the best in that regard.

Losing 3-0 at play-off rivals Birmingham City, albeit with 10 men, then became the icing on the poorly-timed treat.

But giving an interview about hoping the 10-day rest afforded to his players, pretty much as a direct result of making so many changes at Portsmouth, does not backfire certainly wasn’t the greatest way of rectifying it either.

Then the fiasco of the Barca-style shirts that have only been worn once while the change orange kit we’re now wearing is not even on sale, broke.

And you have to wonder if the players have told the retail gurus that making them go out mimicking one of the world’s greatest teams was far from a great idea.

But the PR team must have known all they needed to get fans back onside was news of us chasing a proven quality player.

As I write this Jerome Thomas is that player, except, he isn’t really, is he? A good squad player, maybe. Another Ryan Fraser? Now we’re dreaming.

So with that transfer clock ticking down we’re all praying: ‘please, Mr Evans, dig deep, we really need this.’

If anyone says you can’t buy good PR, in football terms, they’re talking rubbish.

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