Ipswich Town fan Russell Claydon says Clegg’s exit is not to be celebrated

So here I was seven days ago hoping to have a new pair of wingers to give my verdict on.

But what I didn’t see coming was our chief exec leaving, not to be directly replaced, and using up our loan allowance on a goalkeeper to sit on the bench.

Regardless of those who believe the clown is leaving the circus with Simon Clegg, having no full-time replacement is nothing to celebrate.

Although I’ve given him some stick over his four years, from a spokesman’s point-of-view, he was simply the man in front of the man who happened to be in our firing line.

I don’t doubt he had to put as much work as he says he did into restructuring our academy and, from what I gather, he certainly wasn’t guilty of over-
meddling in the manager’s work.

Saving his reported £150k salary is a drop in the ocean, especially when you consider all the money that continues to be invested in Michael Chopra and his off-the-field problems.

Marcus Evans himself says he will now take a more hands-on approach, but it still doesn’t answer whether he will finally stop hiding in the shadows.

Now his face is known, there appears no logical argument for him remaining the mystery man to the lifeblood of his football club.

Rudderless we may have appeared at times (too often) on the pitch over the last decade, but going effectively rudderless off it? It would only lead to a sinking ship.

The excellent 4-0 win over Middlesbrough Saturday came as much out of the blue as Clegg’s departure, but gives us a bit of much-needed buoyancy ahead of a daunting run of fixtures.

It’s no secret we’re fairing better against the top sides, so perhaps Jordan Rhodes and Blackburn in Lancashire Saturday, then Blackpool and Watford to follow is not what Sir Alex calls ‘squeaky bum’ time.