Ipswich Town fan Russell Claydon: ‘Joniesta gives us real hope on a night which changed our season

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After a week that saw us dealt the perfect hand, dare we now dream of an extended 

I have treaded carefully around the ‘p’ word this season —with such phrases as ‘lay-off laces’ — in case even whispering it would see it disappear, it seemed so fragile.

But then there are nights like Tuesday when the roof was almost lifted off Portman Road as Christophe Berra thumped an injury-time header through a sea of players to beat a side that appeared unstoppable only days ago.

Suddenly we are just two, YES TWO, points off the top six with those above us suffering from the seasonal affliction previously described in this column as football’s equivalent of hayfever.

After our own recent uninspiring form, it looked like our chance had been and gone.

But then enter Jonny ‘Joniesta’ Williams and the spark that has reignited hope in the stands.

After his virtuoso performance at Brighton in a 2-0 win, he repeated the trick despite some very rough treatment on Tuesday.

Of course, we need to keep him past his loan spell ending with Saturday’s visit of Nottingham Forest (3pm) (sniffling all the way to PR).

But do that and there is surely real hope.

After the drab ends to seasons we have endured over the last decade, why not now lap this up?

On another note, season ticket renewal brochures are dropping through doors with the news the club is putting prices up for the second time in eight years.

The incentive comes if you are happy to sign up for a reward that may never materialise.

A free Premier League ticket should we get promoted next season (if you make regular £10 payments to the academy association) sounds good, but is win-win for the club.

Give an instant reward to those who have stuck with you through some dire football, should have been the message.