Ipswich Town fan Russell Claydon is not impressed with the stink from the Blues’ dirty washing

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THE home-day hoodoo has been broken after the 3-0 win over Scunthorpe, but it hasn’t been a great week to be associated with Ipswich Town.

THE home-day hoodoo has been broken after the 3-0 win over Scunthorpe, but it hasn’t been a great week to be associated with Ipswich Town.

It feels a bit like our ‘family club’ has had its dirty washing hung out in public with the Jim Magilton pay-off fiasco.

What has been reported, the club refusing to pay out his contract when they sacked him (after 11 years - three as a manager) before a last-minute U-turn, has left a sour impression.

Then there has been the other hot potato dropped this week - season ticket prices.

We all know we’re in this ‘age of austerity’, but to ask loyal Ipswich fans to fork out another six per cent on their tickets after a dour season in the nether-regions of the Championship is plain cheeky.

Marcus Evans and Simon Clegg may talk about rising council rent and utility bills until they’re red in the face (because ours haven’t?), but the fact is we already pay some of the highest prices to watch our football across the whole of the Football League (our most expensive was more than Man Utd this season) - and judging the service by the only barometer - the league table - you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re already getting short changed.

It’s a gamble by Evans and Clegg and one that will certainly come back to haunt them if this extra revenue cannot loosen the purse strings enough to keep Gareth McAuley and David Norris, my top two to keep out of the 21 soon to be out of contract, and recruit a top striker to signal real intent for the next campaign.

Of course, it’s not all black-and-white. In an ideal world I’d say the fat cat players, earning more in a week than a some fans do in a year, should be made to bridge the gap. But do that and we’ll soon be watching League One football!

I’m no mathematical genius (it wasn’t my best GCSE) but surely a fuller ground, from discounted prices across the board, makes more commercial sense (my Business Studies GCSE told me it did exactly that when you transferred a football ground for an aeroplane).

People will ultimately make up their own mind over season tickets, but one man who shouldn’t be made to feel the pinch is Paul Jewell. I’ve seen enough now to suggest he can take this club back to the Premier League. Now let’s give him the resources for next season to make it a reality.

Until then, it’s more odd teamsheets like Saturday, with our third-choice keeper (Arran Lee-Barrett) and a youngster who doesn’t even have a number on the back of the programme (Josh Carson) being paraded on trials as he tries to sort this contract mess he inherited. A week off for the Blues, but believe me, Paul Jewell’s office will be far from empty.

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