Ipswich Town fan Russell Claydon asks where the long term plan is

With party conference season still in full flow, it’s a good job our manager Paul Jewell isn’t a prominent politician.

His backtracking on transfer policies – going from the old short-term to the young long-term and back again – as well as contracts being allowed to run down, certainly wouldn’t persuade many voters to put their faith in him.

If a club election was called today, you could be certain he wouldn’t remain at the helm with the bottom line being results just haven’t been acceptable.

Saturday was a must-win in my eyes, despite having to take on the league leaders, and we managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again.

It was an all too familiar story against Cardiff; playing well but not being able to convert it into three points.

Unfortunately the ‘playing well’ excuse won’t wash come the end of the season if we’re still languishing at the wrong end of the table.

My biggest problem right now, particularly with the seven loan players now on board, is understanding what the plan is beyond the next few months.

While owner Marcus Evans, a big backer of the Liberal Democrats, continues to take a liberal approach to judging Jewell’s future, perhaps it would help for him to outline the strategy, like David Sheepshanks’ ‘five-year plan’.

Up to now the risk to his family from his identity being revealed has kept him in the shadows, but now we are regularly seeing his picture after appearing in the Sir Bobby Robson golf tournament on Sky, surely that no longer stands.

If supporters are to continue to invest their time and money in the club, we need to know the vision and how it is going to be implemented, or I feel we are simply sleepwalking into relegation.

All decamping to Felixstowe seafront for an Ipswich Town conference wouldn’t be a bad idea, but I guess we’ll have to make do with the Legends Bar for the supporters’ club AGM on October 24.