Youngsters need centre

Why can’t Premier Inn find somewhere else other than putting it in Sudbury?

There would be a lot of youngsters who would be sorry to see The Hub go. There are not enough things in Sudbury to keep youths occupied and keep them out of trouble.

As for 12Plus students, other than at school, where are they to go? There are not enough places around for children with special needs that need help with learning, why should they be penalised for a hotel chain with lots of money to make more?

It is always the youngsters who go without.

There are plenty of empty buildings in Sudbury that the Citizens’ Advice Bureau could go to, and make room for more special needs.

My grandson has not been to school for 16 months and needs a special school, but there are not any around for his age (16 years). It is not for the want of trying.

He has just started at Belle Vue last week after all this time, and he loves it, so where does he go if Premier Inn gets this?

His mum is at her wits’ end with trying to get him somewhere.

D Turner

Park Road