‘Wolves’ taking county to task

In answer to Luke Cresswell’s tweet and his recent letter, readers will, I am sure, be pleased to know that Sudbury Town Council, Sudbury Market Town Project and the Sudbury Pilot Project Steering Group, as well as other groups in the town, are all calling for a holistic approach to traffic management in Sudbury.

This includes sensible management of HGV traffic, moving the lorry park, preserving the historic core, reducing pollution, 20mph limits, better pedestrian and cycle routes and reducing the amount of through traffic in and around Market Hill but otherwise retaining its integrity as a market place with no loss of parking.

We are all also conscious of the long-term implications of developments such as the new health centre and Chilton Woods and the need for forward-thinking traffic management making better use of rail and bus facilities and the interchange between them, to avoid gridlock in the future.

Rest assured, we are not “Guy McGregor’s sheep”, perhaps more wolves, whether or not in sheep’s clothing, entering into robust dialogue with the county council to ensure that Sudbury gets the traffic system it needs for its future viability as a market town and an attractive place to visit.

Let us hope that the excellent consultation event commissioned last month by Mr McGregor will bring about the improvements which the people of Sudbury know are needed.

Tony Platt

Chairman Highways and Footpaths Committee

Sudbury Town Council