Why no warning of blackout?

I CANNOT believe that the street lights have been turned off outside my house without a word of warning. I noticed that it was pitch black early on January 24 and thought, at first, that there had been a power cut. It transpired, however, that the council had decided, in its wisdom, to turn the street lights off after midnight.

I listen to local radio, watch local news bulletins and read the local paper, but not once did I see any mention of this happening.

It is very dark and very intimidating - I doubt that many people would want to walk around at night in such darkness. Was this what it was like during blackouts in the blitz?

How can the council make such an arbitary decision without a word of warning? Surely we should have been consulted before action like this was taken as it affects us so personally?

I understand that economies have to be made but I think that this decision is going a step too far.

I have not seen any of the leaflets that have apparently been distributed even though I work in the town (and, incidentally, am one of the people that has been affected by the long stay parking charges) and it came as a complete shock.

We seem to have stepped back in time and it is an infringement on our civil liberties as well as being, I think, highly dangerous.

We should at least expect to feel safe at night. That’s why we pay our massive council tax bills.


Richard Burn Way