Who said crime doesn’t pay?

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HAVING just read the article from the March 29 edition of the Free Press, I would like to publicly announce that if I should ever find myself in a position of standing in front of a judge could it please be Peter Thompson at Ipswich Crown Court.

I am referring to ‘Fraudsters must forfeit £480k.’

The penalty for not forfeiting this stolen money that was embezzled from honest taxpayers is a combination of an extra five years nine months in prison on top of the existing sentence.

This equates to £83,478 per annum tax paid while incurring zero living expenses at the cost of the honest citizens who the cash was extracted from in the first place.

This calculation obviously doesn’t take into account the sentences being reduced for good behaviour.

Not much incentive there then to pay the money back! Crime doesn’t pay?


Little Cornard