What happened to Sudbury’s pride?

YES, Nick Irwin’s comments regarding the weeds are right (Free Press, June 14), but don’t lay all the blame on Babergh’s doorstep.

Just look around the town centre. Retailers go on about falling trade but maybe if some of them took a little more pride in their shop fronts and cleaned up the vomit, dog mess and pulled up the weeds growing outside their stores, they would look a little more inviting to customers.

My family lived in North Street for 50 years and I managed a supermarket in Old Market Place in the 1960s. Traders and householders alike would sweep and wash down their shop fronts and pavements every day.

How often do you see that done now?

The problem is not only small local retailers but banks and national chains as well.

I wrote in your paper a year or so ago regarding a national retailer that had vomit all over their doorstep in North Street at 10am on a Sunday morning and it was still there after five hours trading.

The problem today is it’s always someone else’s job. What happened to “Pride in Sudbury”?

It could well be that how you look on the outside says a lot about how you are on the inside. The only way you are going to take money is to get them through the door in the first place, and clean and tidy shop fronts can only help.

Now is the time for a little self help and not waiting for someone else to do it for you. By then it could be too late.


Chaucer Road