We wanted a new hospital

Would planning permission have been given to build on People’s Park (as most older Sudbury people know it) had it not been for it to be for a hospital (Charity in the dark over People’s Park, November 15).

Had Sudbury Common Lands Trust tried to get planning permission in 1984 for houses on the site I believe opposition would have lead the council to refuse any houses being built.

Everyone wanted a new hospital and that is what we all thought would happen. Many that would have objected did not do so for that reason, but they would not have wanted houses on the site.

I didn’t like the comment from West Suffolk Hospital that the Common Lands Trust would be given the first opportunity to purchase the land at market value when it reaches “the appropriate stage in the planning process.” (NHS-speak for when planning has been granted and the land is worth x times more than now.)

One wonders how much the NHS has already made from the housing built so far on the site.

What’s the betting the land left will end up returning four/five or more times the value for the whole site in the first place which may be very nice for the NHS but not for the people of Sudbury.

Maybe the best thing would be for Babergh to refuse planning permission, therefore forcing the land to stay an open space and for the land to be sold at a sensible price to those that want it kept as an open space.

David Riddlestone

Chaucer Road