We should have been consulted

HOW much easier it would have been had Suffolk County Council taken notice of local people on the question of road closures in the first place. Who knows better than the people that live and work in Sudbury every day?

Had they have done so when the idea of another crossing first came up, it may have been killed off before it ever got off the ground.

Before someone gets the bright idea of another crossing between Newton Road and King Street, just think just how far down Melford Road the tailbacks will go, not just when putting in the crossing but for always.

Could it be that the thinking is that if we can bring Sudbury to a standstill for six days a week for 52 weeks a year those in power will come up with the cash for a bypass, I wonder?

Work should have started Monday on Chaucer Road/Melford Road and if the markings on the road are anything to go by we should have already had three days of fun. (Yes, I know it has to be done.)

Happy days.

I notice that the council intends putting signs up outside of town to stop heavy goods vehicles going through the centre of town during the work, but how are they to get from Melford to Ballingdon and beyond?

Ah yes! I know, Rodbridge/Borley/Bulmer. It was in the letters page last week (Ian Berry) and what better name for it than “Sudbury Bypass” (it says it all)

The only problem is a 7.5 ton weight limit on Barford Bridge!

Oh sugar (foiled again).


Chaucer Road