We’re keeping market vibrant

I WRITE in reply to Mr Riddlestone’s letter in last week’s Free Press regarding Sudbury’s market.

It is true that on some market days some stalls are absent and this can make the market appear to be diminished.

All stallholders are entitled to four weeks holiday each year. Some take planned holidays and some take “holiday” if the weather is inclement.

On the Saturday in question, seven traders took the day as holiday, some had pre-advised us, some had not.

If any trader takes additional time off, they have to pay the pitch fee in full for the missed weeks. If they miss four weeks without an acceptable excuse (illness etc) then the council can re-let the pitch.

At this time, all pitches are let with last year’s income from the market being at an all-time high.

Sudbury Town Council and its officers intend to continue to do their utmost to keep its historic market vibrant at a time when it is known that other markets in nearby towns are struggling and come to us for advice on how to run a successful market.


Town clerk

Sudbury Town Council