We need to pause before it’s too late

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I WAS pleased to see that I was not the only one to criticise the planned pedestrian crossing in King Street with the snarl-up that will ensue.

I particularly liked the well crafted thoughts, some of which were a bit tongue in cheek, of the Suffolk Free Press editorial assistant Catherine McMillan (In My View, March 29) and I agree with her every word.

I have, some years ago, driven farm HGVs and I can assure readers if a 40 tonne lorry is forced to stop on the hill it will probably reach the lighted crossing still in second gear at 3 mph before it may have to stop again. I only hope that I am not at the tail end of the half-mile queue!

How about extending the railed fence, on the left, an extra 40 yards towards the lights thereby forcing people to use the present assigned crossing? This should do the trick and would not create two months’ gridlock and £40,000 costs.

My suggestion is, before it is too late, that there is a pause for a re-think.

I forecast that in 12 months’ time the new crossing will be removed, with more disruption and at our expense.


Bures Road

Great Cornard