We need strong, firm leadership

YET again your columns are full with letters from concerned residents regarding the plethora of problems besetting our town.

The Sudbury Society did have reservations regarding the new King Street crossing and although it does give pedestrians equal rights with drivers will the lack of priority lead to an accident?

There is perhaps a greater risk of a more serious incident outside the library or at the junctions of Gainsborough Street and Gregory Street and the busy junction (soon to get worse) with Station Road and Friars Street with its narrow footpath.

We are desperate for a proper overall strategy for traffic in the town accompanied by a realistic timescale followed by some constructive action to put it into practice.

How about the construction of 1,500 new homes in the area, which has already been agreed, putting up to 3,000 added vehicles onto our already inadequate road system.

The promised hospital never built whilst People’s Park is sold off to fund the salaries and pension funds of health service administrators. Before even a brick is laid on our new clinic (and if we are lucky that is all we are getting) talk is of disposing of our existing hospitals and land.

The residents of Sandy Lane continue to suffer the wrongly sited disposal facility and the future of Belle Vue and even our beloved library are somewhat perilous.

Whilst we continue to work and campaign on individual issues such as the new King Street crossing we are only playing with the periphery of the problem.

Sudbury needs strong, firm leadership with the powers to make decisions now. The three-tier government of Suffolk, Babergh and town just does not work.

Strategy imposed by councillors such as Guy McGregor, Transport (Hoxne and Eye) and Lisa Chambers, Environment (Newmarket), how ever well meaning, does not represent the views of those most affected, the people of Sudbury.

The present system leads to dithering and indecision. The bus park is just one example with the loss of £500,000 from central funding because of lack of leadership.

Our town, and its residents, were best served when Sudbury was a borough with its own governance by local councillors who lived in the area they represented and were daily accountable for their actions.

Yes, mistakes were often made but at least we knew who was responsible. Babergh and Suffolk must devolve more powers to our town council to make decisions now. And not to endlessly debate and fiddle whilst Sudbury suffers.

All these issues must be addressed now. Sudbury cannot afford to wait whilst councillors and their officials prevaricate.

In the meantime the Sudbury Society will continue to be involved with all levels of local government and other organisations as closely as possible so that co-ordination and co-operation can lead to action.



Sudbury Society

North Street