We must save a little to save a lot

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FOR a moment let’s forget the recycling aspect of having fortnightly collections.

If the council saves money by making fortnightly collections then we should keep them.

Yes, many people were up in arms when they were introduced but I myself have never had a problem with space or maggots for that matter and yes, I know there are only two of us plus two dogs and two cats but our bins are never more then half full.

If some people took a little more trouble and flattened their rubbish and wrapped things likely to attract flies then they wouldn’t have a problem.

If Eric Pickles has money to spare he should use it on something more worthwhile or does he not understand the mess the country is in?

If we each save a little, we could all save a lot. (Me thinks this has been said somewhere before).

Gone are the days of “like to have”. Money should only be spent on what we “must have” and that, in this case, is not a return to weekly bin collections.


Chaucer Road