We have paid a terrible price

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MAY I take some space to send a message to the owner of the dog that killed our beautiful cat on December 15.

Rocky was adopted by us last December as his owners were going back to South Africa, He did not settle at first and managed the 11 mile journey back to Yeldham from our house ... then we collected him again and he became a beloved part of our family.

On Thursday night we heard a cat cry out and my husband rushed out to see what was the matter. He saw our boy being savaged by a bull terrier type dog, Rocky did not stand a chance. My husband and neighbour tried desperately to stop the dog but it was too late.

To many people a cat is just a cat but our pets are part of our family and Christmas is now overshadowed by the violence that came from nowhere. It could have been a child, and that is too awful to contemplate.

So to the owner I would just like to say you are not an animal lover and you are probably proud of your dog ... but you need to think long and hard about the responsibility you have for our sadness and the terrible price we have paid for your arrogance and ignorance.


Mountbatten Road